The person I once was.

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I was sixteen when I did my first abroad experience. I had just finished High School and decided to go to Chicago for a six-month English course as a second language. How little I knew at that point about how my life could change since the moment I put my foot on the airport to go living abroad.

Deep inside me, I always knew that my place in the world was outside the borders in which I grew up. After that first travel, the feeling of not belonging to that place became stronger every day. Today, 10 years have passed, and I understood that I’ve never belonged to anywhere. We are all born in the same territory. Borders are imaginary and no matter where you go, we all can find a place we could call “home”.

Nowadays, I know, that from the moment you leave home the very first time, all the places around the world become a potential new home. We stop belonging to just one place to belong to all the places at the same time.

It’s been more than a year since I live in Brazil, about two thousand miles away from the land I grew up. In my passport there are a few stamps of a few countries that received me and gave me a home, but the most important, are the transformative experiences that have shaped me and took me away from the person I once was.

Traveling teach you how we are all connected to each other.

However, a few persons can understand the freedom that implies the possibility to take any road at any time knowing for sure that wherever they’ll go, they’ll find a piece of themselves. Travelers will always be people out of the standard. At the end, all that really matter is that each of us pursue our dreams and find that thing that make us happy, regardless of what that thing is.

Today, after walking through some paths, I want to share my travel experiences. I’m not a writer, and I truly believe that I’m pretty far of being one. My only goal is to give a bit of what I have received, to write about the things I’ve learned in this years, about how travelling changed my life and, can change yours. Also, give some advises and details about the places I’ve visited, I’m sure they could help you to plan your next trip.

I invite you to share with me this path, to exchange experiences and stories. Maybe one day, we meet each other on the way.

Finally, I have to apologize for any incoming English mistakes. As you know, English isn’t my first language and it’s been a while since the last time. Hopefully, I will improve with time.


Cristian Figueroa



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