How to eat well and cheap in Bahia

Vatapá de camarón (izq.) y entrada de Plátano Maduro (der.)
Vatapá de camarón (izq.) y entrada de Plátano Maduro (der.)

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For those who like cheap trips, There are many options in Salvador. There are several restaurants with the Prato Feito (PF – made dish), all–you-can-eat and Buffet per kilo restaurants. The Prato Feito, as its names says, its a dish that is already done.  It usually come with rice, beans, salad, one type of meat and some of them include juice. The price is around R$8-10 BRL.

Prato Feito (Made dish)
Prato Feito (Made dish)

The All–you-can-eat it’s my favorite. You can serve all you want from different types of food and, in general, the fruits and desserts are included. The price go from $R14 to R$20 BRL. you can also pay per Kilo, usually is R$ 2,80/100 g of served food.

Another option are the A la Carte Restaurant. Most of them serve typical Bahiana food, which is mainly seafood. The prices goes from R$35 to R$75 per dish, but some of them serve for two people.

At Barra, there is the Boteco do Caranguejo (Pub of the Crab). There you can try Arrumadinho de Carne de Panela (Pot roast), Caranguejo (Crabs), Lambretas (steam Clams), Vatapá, Acarajé, cuzcus and entries of Banana da Terra (Plantain).

Arrumadinho de carne
Arrumadinho de carne (Pot roast)

When it comes to eating it all depends on your pocket. For example, I rather saving some money and expensive dishes from A la Carte restaurant and invest in other kind of travel experience. I doesn’t bothers me eating good and cheap and keep enjoying my trip. however, if you’re attending to cook school, it’s obvious that you will try all the dishes and pay for it. 

The restaurants that serve the Prato Feito, are regular and simple restaurants where the local people eat every day.  That is why I like those. I can have a low price-good food while I approach myself to the daily experience of the local people.


To finish your gastronomic trip, you can’t forget to have a juice in sucos 24 horas (24 hours Juice). Close to the Shopping Barra. You can have a juice from exotic Brazilian fruits (R$7-8 /500 ml). My recommended fruits are: Pinha, frutas vermelhas (red fruits), cajá and Umbu. you can also order a frozen fruit with condensed milk (R$ 12 BRL) it’s simply marvelous. in the same street, ask for the Tapioca do Beiju. for R$4-6 BRL you can have a Tapioca with different types of food. Is a good idea to serve with the juice.

If you are a cake lover, at the Barra Shopping you´ll find VIVALAGULA. Has a lot of flavors, my recommendation is the Dois Amores (two lovers) cake (R$10/Slice).

During the 11 days I spent in Bahia, I mixed the three types of experience. I ate in a A la Carte Restaurant, at Al-you-can-eat and Prato Feito restaurants. I really enjoy it. I asked people’s opinion and follow their directions. And have no regrets. It was worth it. It’s easy to eat well in Salvador.

Besides, in the time i was on this trip, I had the opportunity to explore the city like a native (read more about how to walk through Salvador here), met beautiful beaches (check here), used public transportation to cut the costs (read more here) and I went to Praia do Forte, one of the most charming places I’ve ever seen (find the post here).



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