Praia do Forte, Bahia: a new state of mind

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In the eleven days I was in Salvador, I had the opportunity to meet an amazing place and it deserves a post: Praia do Forte  (Fort Beach). It was a remarkable experience because this place can take you from the stress of the world and take you to a new state of mind.

At the bus terminal in Salvador, you can take a bus from the Expresso Linha Verde company . The trip lasts between an hour and a half to two hours and costs BRL$ 8.75. The departure times are 09am, 09:45, 18h and 19h. Moreover, Praia do Forte is a very small town. Ideally you arrive in the morning and return in the afternoon to Salvador. Has vans leaving the center every hour and costs BRL$ 7.

But if you want to rest and relax, definitely have to spend at least one night in this wonderful place.


If you travel alone, you can stay at Hostel Praia do Forte. It’s part of the network Hosteling International, and if you are associated you´ll get discount. But if you’re not associated, the price is quite reasonable. I paid accommodation in shared room with air conditioning. In low season it costs BRL $ 65. it’s a great deal because staying at the Hostel you have free entrance to the Tamar Project (BRL$ 16), Project Baleia Jubarte (Humpback whale) and half price in Castle D’Avila and Sapiranga Reserve. The breakfast is also included. In it you can try some typical dishes of the region as well as tapioca pie, pão alegria (bread joy), native fruits and juices. The hostel in general is great!

Breakfast at Praia do Forte Hostel
Breakfast at Praia do Forte Hostel

You can also rent a bike (BRL$ 10 per 1 hour or BRL$ 50 a day) and take a walk around the village. The hostel rents bikes, or you can find them at the bike shop Alameda do Sol (Main Street Center).

The Alameda Do Sol has many craft shops, regional products and clothing stores also have restaurants à la Carte. In Alamade da Lua, you can find restaurants PF (made dish) (BRL$ 8 or BRL$10) Buffet per Kilo or All-you-can-eat (for BRL$ 15 on average).

The beaches are wonderful, though most of them have a coral formation. Therefore, if you are on of those who are afraid of not knowing what you’re stepping into the sea, your beach is at Igrejinha (small church) that has few corals. On the other hand, are good beaches to snorkeling and diving. The are the beach Aquário (aquarium), Piscina do Loro and Papa Gente.

At the entrance to the Tamar Project, you can rent a snorkel mask for BRL$ 10. For BRL$ 40, you can book a guided tour plus the equipment (masks and show fins) in the aquarium beach. The tour lasts half an hour and it is a good idea if you have never done Snorkeling in your life. You can also find rental service of the mask plus an underwater photography. It is a beautiful keepsake and costs BRL$ 50.

The Tamar Project is an institution dedicated to research and conservation of turtles. Besides being a social project within the region. Well worth visiting and supporting.

Tamar project
Tamar project

The Humpback Whale Project, is also an institute for conservation of these whales, which can be sighted a few miles from Praia do Forte. Unfortunately during my visit, was not open to visitors.

I was unable to visit the Castle D’Avila, but you can’t miss it. If you’re up for a walk you can visit the Municipal park Klaus Peters. A great place to ride a bike or walk as the trail are in cement and goes inside the vegetation typical of the region (Atlantic Forest). In total there are 3 km. Along the route there are explanatory signs about the animals that live there, the climate and vegetation of this ecosystem. Very worthwhile! If you watch carefully you may see monkeys-star. Just don’t forget your sunscreen and insect repellent! The visiting hours are from 9h to 18h.

Klaus Peters Park
Klaus Peters Park

Also, do not forget to try the typical sweets of the region, most of them coconut base. Sacolé, a fruit refresh is also very good.

Despite being a small town, Praia do forte has it all. No need to worry with banks, post office, etc.. The tourist infrastructure is good. You’ll find everything.

If you want to follow a bit more like my days in Salvador, made ​​several post on the subject. Were awesome days I’ve had fantastic and inexpensive dining experiences (read post about Bahian food here), I explored the city like a native (read post about visiting Salvador by walk), met amazing beaches (read about this here) and used public transportation to cheapen my travel costs (check out the post here). In this post have many useful tips for people with explorer spirit.

Cristian Figueroa


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