Iguazu Falls and Paraguay

In September, I took a vacation to risk off the list, of places to visit, the Iguazu Falls. Because I had an extra time and I was already close to, I decided to make a small backpack trip in Paraguay. This small country in Latin America which almost nobody seems to know or hear much. As Paraguayans says, a low profile country that hides spectacular natural landscapes.

Besides the main attraction, the Iguazu Falls, the border with Paraguay is, by excellence, the favorite place for shopping of their neighbors, the Brazilians and Argentinians. However, almost no one decides to move from Ciudad del Este to know a little more from Paraguay.

In the next posts, I will be giving tips to know some attractions in Iguazu Falls and some cities in Paraguay that you should know.

Read here about how to move around, where to sleep and what to visit in the three borders.

Versión en español

Versão em português 


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