The things that will make you fall in love with Brasília

Brasília has 74 main attractions, according to the map created by the Ministry of Tourism. Of course, in the four days, I spent in the city, I wouldn’t get all of them. I was lucky to know the city by car so I could visit the most representative (and perhaps beautiful) places.

I made a list of things I believe you need to do in Brasília to enjoy the charm of it. However, before anything, you should get a map at the airport. It will be (very) useful.

Soak your feet in the Paranoá Lake 

Leaving the Pilot plan through the JK bridge, you will arrive at Don Bosco Chapel Park. Then you can go down to the lake and take a dip if you want (but wet feet is the least I expect from you). The view is just fantastic. A perfect place to rest, it offers a peace and tranquility hard to find in a big capital. Enjoy and forget the problems, even if you feel like, I found it a perfect place to do some yoga or meditation.

 Swimming in a natural pool

The Brasília National Park, better known as Mineral Water Park. It is a natural reserve with hiking paths and two natural pool (yes, really). It is a perfect place to swim and get a tan. You can take food and have a picnic, as the stalls inside the park only open on weekends. During the week is less crowded. The entrance is $ 7.00 BRL.

Visiting an art exhibition 

Brasília has many art exhibitions happening all the time. I visited the Caixa Cultural, which had pieces of Salvador Dalí (!) And Aleijadinho ( a Brazilian Baroque artist). Another option is CCBB of the Bank of Brazil, here you will spend more time because the place is far from the central region and, moreover, is gigantic. There are free buses to transport people from different parts of the city to the CCBB.

Eating Açai at Estação do Guaraná (Guaraná station) 

Located in Block B of the South Wing, Estação do Guaraná is a restaurant with great choices of healthy food for a fair price (for the cost of living in Brasília) you can create your own dish to your taste. The açai is wonderful, don’t miss it!

Drink coconut water at the city park 

The City Park is a perfect place to practice any kind of sport. On Sundays, there is a group that gives free skating lessons. Buy a coconut in some of the tents and enjoy a walk or just sit on the grass. It’s a beautiful place!

-Walking on the floating pier at the Pontão (Big Bridge) 

The Big Bridge South Lake is a gastronomic complex on the edge of the Lake. The waterfront is another beautiful place to walk and contemplate a beautiful view of the city at night. Don’t miss the feeling of walking on water that offers the floating pier (made of some plastic material). Looks like you’re walking on water, pretty cool.

Sunset at Praça do Cruzeiro (Cruise Square) 

The highest point in the city is the Praça do Cruzeiro. So it’s a great place to see the sunset. You won’t regret it. It’s one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. Additionally, you can enjoy visiting the JK memorial that is located on the side (watch the shoe of Dona Sara, the wife of the Brazilian president at the time, that was carved sitting beside her on a bench watching the city).

Guided tour of the Itamaraty Palace and the National Congress 

You can enjoy more closely the architecture of Brasília from the interior of these two iconic buildings. Both have stunning works of art that will lead you to another level of knowledge and understanding of the Federal Capital. Do not miss it. On the website, you can check the days of visitation and tours. A tip, during the week you cannot get into them in shorts, tank top, and flip-flops. Then in your suitcase pack a pair of jeans and closed shoes.

Eating rice with pequi at Pirenópolis 

Pirenópolis is a small historic town in the state of Goiás, a two-hour drive from Brasília. If you have extra time, you can’t miss this trip. The landscapes are too beautiful and the historic downtown is just lovely (with all the preserved houses). Be sure to try the fruit popsicle and rice with pequi (typical fruit), one of the typical dishes of the region. Also, don`t miss the waterfalls and hiking trails.

Brasília is a city outside of reality. On your trip, I’m pretty sure you can visit many other well-known places such as the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Honestino Guimarães Museum, the Three Powers Square , the Claudio Santoro National Theater, the fair from the TV Tower, the square of the crystals and the General Headquarters of the army, among others.

Brasília offers tourist options for all tastes. Let yourself be captivated by modernity and good energy of Brasília.

Find more information and some impressions about Brasília here.

Cristian Figueroa

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