Travels, priorities and sacrifices

Every time I put myself on the road is common to hear the same comments coming back and forth:  “He must be a millionaire to travel so much” “That guy doesn’t do anything besides travelling?” “It is so cool that you can travel. It’s such a shame that I have always things to do, I don’t have time/money to travel.” And so on.

As I said in my first post (read here): “Travelers will always be different people.” I believe that the difference between travelers and the other people are our priorities. The priorities are like tastes, no one can force you to like something, just as no one can force you to give more importance to one thing than the other. One of my priorities is to discover the world, new cultures and making new friends. All the movements in my life are targeted to achieve this priority.

For some people, the priorities are having a family, getting a job that gives them financial stability, or just make lots of money no matter how. The variety of priorities within the human universe is infinite. Priorities are also linked to two other words: choice and sacrifice. We’ve all had to choose and sacrifice things throughout life to get closer to our priorities.

I don’t wear fancy or designer clothes, I don’t eat at fancy or “gourmet” restaurants, and I’m not at every party in town or go to see the shows of all my favorite artists, like many of my friends, do. And not because I don’t like, I just made different choices. Anyone who knows me knows that I love to dress well, eat well and going out for a party. But I’ve reached a point in my life where my priorities relocated and took new positions. And as I mentioned each person relocates its priorities in different ways, not for nothing is said that every person is a different universe.

I’m not rich, I earn a student scholarship. My “salary” is much lower compared to many people, but somehow, for them, I’m rich. And is not because they believe in that saying “travel is the only thing that you buy that make you richer”, but because traveling seems to be a luxury that only the rich can afford. This is a big myth. Because everyone has the capability to travel and do what make them feel good.

As I said earlier, I chose to forget some luxuries that bring me temporary happiness, to invest in a passion that brings me a long-lasting happiness: travels. Since I found that I could travel and study at the same time I devoted my time and energy to these two things. The student exchanges that I have done in my life have been obtained by my academic performance. At this point, you can infer that I always had and still have to push myself twice studying not only to be an ideal candidate for exchange scholarships but to be able to travel while studying. Somehow you have to make it up for the time that you spent far from your duties. You have to find the balance point, it is necessary to plan and foresee everything that may or may not happen during your absence and the things that will come after your trip.

I’ll repeat something that is said a lot around: nothing in life is for free. You have to work very hard to achieve what you want, but when you work and dedicates to your dreams, the universe reciprocates you in an unbelievable way. I travel a lot, yes, but I also have worked very hard for it.

In this way of thinking, it’s not that you don’t have time or money, is that you are spending them in a way that might be pushing you away from your priorities. Maybe it’s a great moment for you to review your concepts and your priorities in life. I don’t mean, in any way, to establish what is right and what is wrong. There is no such thing when it comes to priorities, much less when we are speaking in the lives of others.

I know people who have chosen not to do student exchanges or travel because they don’t want to leave behind their boyfriends or girlfriends, their family, their dog/cat, their city, their lifestyle, their friends, etc. and who am I to say that it is wrong or right. But I believe that we all come to the time to leave behind all this things, voluntarily or involuntarily, and that’s part of the sacrifice and understanding that our life is made of cycles. At some point in life, everyone has the power to choose what they’ll sacrifice and what they’ll pursue.

My invitation, finally, is for you to take a look at your daily life, what are you doing to get closer to what you want? In what are you investing your time, your energy, your money every moment of the day? The happiness you get from it, it is temporary or long-lasting?

If you feel like you are fighting and killing yourself and not getting what you want, there’s something wrong. Identify it and change it, as people say: you cannot expect different results when you are always doing the same thing.

Cristian Figueroa

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