Travels, farewells and broken hearts

A few years ago, when I started traveling, I read somewhere that travelers always know that at some point they will have to say goodbye.
This idea echoed in my head just like other ordinary sayings do. You know they are true but can’t materialize them until you lived them.

After a few trips I believe I’ve understood what it means to live a life saying goodbye.

It is very difficult to arrive in a new place, meet new people and do not feel the cold farewell ahead. There is a mixture of joy and fear within us. Deep down, we know that the day to say goodbye will come sooner than later.

In fact, everyone should understand this situation pretty easily. At the end of the day, none of us knows for sure what will happen the next minute. We should all be living our lives as if the next moment would never arrive. Is not always so easy. Nobody likes to think that today could be the last day and, therefore, to live saying goodbye.

I believe traveling makes you understand a little more everything.

There comes a point in life where you can’t even buy more furniture or material things thinking of a far future. At any time, you will have to sell them to travel again. The problem is that, like the furniture, you may not be able to think in long-lasting relationships either. This can be a problem. Things change so fast that it is difficult for you not think that everything will end someday, you’ll have to say goodbye again, and that this whole process will break many hearts, including yours.

To live thinking that things will always have an end, may not be the best way to live, but we have no choice. As the day comes that fear can be difficult to hide. As I said in another publication (read more here) the fear never disappears, we just learn to deal with it. And try to deceive others and ourselves, convincing us that this time you “will stay forever.”

Also, we like to fool ourselves making plans. Say that we will do this and do that, in this specific order and that particular time. Without even imagine that all our plans are balanced in a fragile structure. With the slightest movement can fall to the ground and we have to rebuild and change our future again and again. Life has already taken charge of showing us this repeatedly, isn’t?

“Time is like un enchantment. We never have what we imagine.” And the mountain echoed

But changes aren’t easy. In fact, it hurts. But they are necessary. Change is what drives us forward.

With every farewell, we change our world and the world of people around us. So it hurts to say goodbye. We want things to stay as they are forever. And in desperate attempts we try to tie the good stuff in our lives because they are good for us and we never want to lose them. Without understanding that we only keep the things that we don’t tie up.

A good friend once told me: “When I signed the contract of our friendship, it wasn’t stipulated that it would have an expiration date and it will be hard to see you go.” Believe me when I say that I didn’t know either and that the next farewell will also be difficult for me.
Also, we all have to leave some day, because nothing stays forever. And we should remember that always.

“we only keep the things that we don’t tie up”

But I like to be positive. Although our paths are separating, we don’t know when it will see each other or whether we will be the same people in the future. I’m already happy, and I’m grateful to life, for the simple fact that our paths crossed. We will always carry with us all the good memories, the laughter, the hangovers, the tears, and above all, the love. The happiness of knowing we have met wonderful people in our lives and they will be part of our history is much greater than the sadness of a new farewell.

Thus, goodbyes are never easy. There will always be tears and broken hearts. But they are there to remind us that no matter how hard it is to walk with a broken heart, you always have to keep moving forward. With time, your heart will find a way to be fine again.

Cristian Figueroa

Versión en español

Versão em português


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